"Answer a few questions for him?" Kelly shakes her head abruptly. "No. I was a fool to come here. Should have known better."

"Kelly! You're making a mistake you know you need-"

"No!" Kelly screamed, wrenching open the door. "I don't need anymore of your damned pills, Holt!"

"Kelly! You can't leave without-"

The girl slammed the door shut behind her, & sprinted down the hallway. It wasn't right, that man couldn't control her, or force her to take any more medication. Who said she needed it? What was the worst that could happen without it.

Kelly left Van Holt's office without looking back, & got into her car. Next stop was the bay, to find a quick boat. The girl threw her purse onto the passenger seat, & it tipped, spilling its contents over the leather seat. Among them was a large pill bottle, still full.

Kelly tightened her lips together as she noticed the pills, and wondered how badly she'd need them on her journey.
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Oh, this is exciting. Great chapter and choice for the reader!

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