Kelly turned her eyes back to the road, but found that she was sneaking glances back at the pills. A semi blew a long blast on its horn as Kelly veered halfway into its lane, and Kelly's hands shook as she jerked the car back into her own lane.

That panic again. She could feel her whole body vibrating, as if she were plugged into an electrical outlet. As if she had leaned too far back in her chair and wasn't sure if she would tip over.

Without looking, Kelly reached for the pills, opened the bottle with a practiced one-handed twist, grabbed one and popped it in her mouth. She swallowed.

The pill worked quickly. Within a minute, the first wave of calm had washed over her. Within another minute, a wave of euphoria. Kelly wondered once again if these pills were stronger than they needed to be. Why did Van Holt insist on giving her medication this strong? It was as if she were one of his damned army toys and he was moving her around on the carpet. She didn't need...

Then the second, stronger wave of euphoria arrived, and Kelly was sure that Van Holt was right. This is what she needed. This is how she was supposed to feel. This was...

Kelly's eyes opened. It was dusk. Her car was on the side of the highway, key still in the ignition. She grimaced, stretched her neck, and tried the key. Nothing. The battery was dead. How could she let something like this happen again? She needed to get to the bay!

She carefully replaced the pills in her bag, opened the door of her car, and stepped out. The air was cold, and she shivered.
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