"That's fine, Perry," said Kelly. "What do you want to know?"

Perry's first question was blunt. "Why me?"

Kelly shrugged. "I have no idea. Davin asked for you by name."

"He knows I'm crazy, right?" asked Perry. Perry looked at Dr. Van Holt. "I am crazy, right, Doc?"

Van Holt straightened his tie. "Well, that is the diagnosis, Perry. We've been over that lots of times. Now if you still think there is something wrong with..."

Kelly interrupted the doctor without even a glance. "Perry," she continued. "This is going to be hard. For both of us. But I'm certain Davin knows the diagnosis. And I'm certain he thinks your fighting skill are going to be key to the revolution."

Van Holt asked "Perry, you were a soldier?"

"Well," said Perry. "Let's just say I was something between a full-fledged soldier and a guy who plays with army trucks on the floor of his office."

"What do I need to do to get Perry out of here and take him with me?" asked Kelly.

"As his ... uh ... travel agent?" asked the doctor.

Kelly smiled sweetly. "As whatever it is that will get him out of here and onto the road with me."

"You don't have to do anything," said Van Holt. "Perry can leave any time he wants."

Perry thought for a few seconds. "Then that time is now."

It was mere minutes before Perry and Kelly were in the sunlight.

"Are you ready for this?" asked Kelly.

Perry just looked at her.

"Yeah. Me neither," said Kelly.

"Kelly," Perry said. "Am I supposed to go ... you know ... armed?"

Kelly paused. "I'm not sure."

"It might come in handy. Once we get there. And on the road. It's a kilometer to a storage unit I still rent. We can get supplied there.
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