Kelly hesitated, seeing the rainclouds in the East. It could be a storm coming. The hesitation disappeared as she thought of the mission. She did wonder for a moment, feeling the aura of Perry's menace, if this was really such a good idea.

Perry and Kelly walked in awkward silence. Neither of them knew what to say to each other. The storage facility seemed empty. Rain began. After Perry typed in his number to open the entrance gate, he went to the toilet.

It was then that a stranger came up to her. He was wearing a badge with a strange emblem, like a flag, with a wave symbol and a trident.

"Are you sure?" He said. This seemed like a strange question to ask.

"Sure of what?"

"Anything at all. It might take time to fully explain our position. It is important that you listen to me, while Perry is gone."

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Awesome! Now I'm really curious about their position, and about the emblem. Hmm. Where to next? :-)

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