Kelly began walking to the bay, not looking back. She had lost track of time. Had it been minutes, hours, days?

"Must...keep...going...almost...there", Kelly said, her voice an almost indefinable whisper, her face contorted in pain, her skin pale and cold.

"I..think.........goodbye", Kelly said with her final breaths. Moving hurt, swallowing hurt, breathing hurt, everything hurt. Kelly sharply inhaled...

For the ninth time, Kelly checked the maps. Those would be essential. If nothing else, Kelly was sure of that.

The message last night had been vague. "We need to talk. Can you remember anything strange? If so, visit me immediately." It had taken Kelly a sleepless night of tossing and turning to try to wrap her head around the question.

"Yes," Kelly thought. "But...What was it?"

The old green backpack couldn't hold much more and still be manageable. It even included some water and a little food. And Kelly had the maps, of course.

"Will we even recognize each other when I get there?" thought Kelly. "It's been three years."

"Pep-talk time," Kelly whispered. "You can do this. You're ready." Kelly frowned, not believing the whisper for an instant.

Leaving a quick note next to the oven – "I can't say where I've gone and I don't know when I'll be back" – Kelly headed to the door and paused. There was one more thing. Doctor Van Holt. "Maybe he could help me."

Actually, she did remember something strange. An almost exact recreation of this very moment, in fact!

"Wait, this feels familiar", Kelly said. "I've heard of deja vu, but this feels unnervingly similar." "Should I see the doctor, or talk to Micheal?

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