Kelly hadn't seen Michael in three years. A lot could change in three years.

Yes. A lot had changed in three years.

Kelly removed her canteen from her shoulder and took a sip. "Not too much," she thought.

Kelly heard Doctor Van Holt's voice in her head. "No stress, young lady. No exercise. Stay cool and hydrated and just take it easy." Kelly grimaced. Wasn't much chance of any of those where she and Michael were going.

It was cool here, at least. The doctor would be satisfied with that part.

Kelly heard a branch snap -- nearby, she thought -- and she froze as ice ran through her veins. It sounded like something heavy. Heavier than a man. There were centaurs in these woods. Kelly had seen them -- whole families -- through the trees. They posed no danger.

But there were also yocki. Her blood ran colder. With a yock, there was nothing to do but hope it passed by without noticing her. Kelly strained to listen more closely.

And there it was. She could see the yocks eyes. It was looking directly at her. She moved her hand slowly to the knife in its sheath on her belt. "Fight or flight," she had heard it called. Her two base instincts pulled in opposite directions.
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Oops, her canteen morphed into a leather water pouch in my segment. Should that be changed?

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