"Flight", Kelly immediately thought. Almost without thinking, she dashed off. The wind in her hair, the ground beneath her feet, she moved incredibly fast.

She heard a voice, calling out "Stop! It's me! I'm here!" Kelly ignored the voice, running faster. Even if she desired to stop, she did not know how anymore. It was no longer Kelly moving, it was a whirlwind of fury.


Kelly suddenly stopped, colliding with a powerful obstacle. A big, hairy, warm obstacle. She had run straight into a family of yocki. "No!" Kelly thought. She reached for her knife, but it had landed away from the sheath, sticking itself into a tree. "Wait", Kelly thought, coming to a sudden realization. "The yocki can't see me yet. There's still a chance!"
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Yes! Awesome! I can't wait to find out if that's Michael calling out to her.

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