"Who are you?" Kelly called out to the forest, knowing she wasn't alone. "Friend or foe?"

"Neither." Came a brisk reply. The voice was difficult to catch, & Kelly couldn't tell if it was a man's or a woman's.

"Why are you here?"

"You need to be stopped." The sombre voice answered, but offered nothing more.

Kelly felt her jaw set with determination. The girl wouldn't allow anything to stand in her way now. She couldn't afford to.

"How do you mean to stop me?"

"By reminding you that he cannot be trusted. He has betrayed you before, & will again. You should prepare yourself now."

Kelly had no trouble remembering the betrayal, and the searing pain that had come with it. Even today, the girl still bore the scars of that day. But time had stretched a long while between then and now.

"Maybe things have changed." The girl answered, with modest hope.

"That is a gamble you are trusting your life on." The stranger remained hidden behind some tree, or shrub. Kelly could not see them, and still, she was unable to guess at even a gender.

"You're right. I should be careful who I trust. Why should I begin with you?" The girl planted her hands on her hips. This stranger seemed an awful coward, hiding away.

"Because I could preserve your life should he try again to betray you."

"& If he is trustworthy?"

Silence answered Kelly's question.

"Are you there?" She prompted.

Quietly the eery voice answered slowly. "If you believe him still worthy of your trust, it is best you do not accept my help. But if he does betray you, my aid is your only hope."

A grim decision. Kelly thought.
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